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  • Internationally Renowned

    Alternative Cancer Treatment

    Building a trusting connection & providing safe, high quality care.

Advanced Alternative Cancer Treatment

Specializing in Immunotherapy

Boosting Your Body's Immune System

CMN Hospital is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing the latest in advanced alternative cancer treatments to our patients. Since 1985, CMN Hospital has established a premier reputation as an exceptional provider of alternative cancer treatments that have proven effective.

As the leading Medical Director at CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment, Dr. Edgar Felipe Payan Arechiga is committed to the individual treatment of each patient. His work ethic and dedication to address each patient’s unique needs and circumstances set the tone for the entire hospital.

Our Commitment to You

Throughout the course of treatment, our goal is to establish a trusting connection with each of our patients.

You will receive the quality care that you deserve while being supported, motivated, and inspired by all staff.

We believe that compassionate care is a vital part of healing and recovery. Comfort is prioritized and our team makes sure to adequately support you during your treatments.

Your Support Team

From day one, we establish a trusting patient-doctor connection that only grows stronger as treatment continues.

Our physicians are focused on providing you with support and helping you feel empowered as you continue to heal your body from cancer.

We are collaborators in your care and want you to feel very much a part of the treatment process.

Compassionate Care with Integrity

CMN Hospital has been established for more than three decades. Our physician specialists have an outstanding reputation internationally.

Dr. Payan is CMN Hospital's medical director and founder of CMN's Alternative Cancer Treatment Protocol. Dr. Payan received his doctorate from UAEH and completed his medical training in holistic therapy in Ventura, CA, San Antonio TX, LAs Vegas NV and in Mexico.

Because our hospital is located just 14 blocks from the San Luis AZ border, in San Luis, Rio Colorado Mexico, we can provide attentive 24/7 care and treatments that are not available in other countries.

Aftercare Treatment Protocol

When it is time for your discharge, you will feel prepared with an aftercare treatment protocol set in place.

Dr. Payan will discuss your individualized at home therapy treatment plan with you before you leave.

You will continue the doctor-patient connection that was established during your stay, and you will leave with reassurance knowing that you are not alone, we are here for you.

Nationally Recognized and Awarded For Quality Cancer Treatment And Care

  • Lions Club of San Luis
    Rio Colorado Sonora
    Recognition for Altruistic Support to
    Dr. Raul Hector Payan
  • Rotary Club of San Luis
    Colorado Sonora‚Äč
    Recognition of Collaboration with Humanitarian Help for Community to Centro Medico Del Noroeste, July 1988
  • Home for the Elderly
    Sanchez Mejorada
    Recognition of Well Doing for the Elderly to Dr. Raul Hector Payan, April 2007
  • Integral Development of the Family - San Luis Rio Colorado Municipality Recognition of Community Collaboration to Centro Medico Del Noroeste, March 2012